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Omega Realty & Associates - Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services:

Our team has successfully closed just about every type of commercial real estate transaction imaginable. One of our core values is to strive to do what works best for our clients, not what puts the most money in our pockets. So let us help you find a course of action that fits your needs and goals whether that is selling, buying, leasing, refinancing or just staying put. If it's not good for you, we will not do it.

Brokerage services performed by Omega Realty & Associates:

  • Property Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Negotiations
  • Contract Preparation
  • Coordinate Closing

Real Estate Investment Services:

If you already own property and are seeking property management services, we provide these services for all types of property, including commercial office buildings, warehouse, industrial retail space, and more.

If you are considering Real Estate as a means of preserving capital, or creating residual income, we can evaluate investment property opportunities that meet your investment and/or income goals.

If you are unsure about whether to rent or sell your investment property, Omega Realty & Associates professionals can evaluate market conditions and property values to help you make your decision, as well as arrange the sale or lease.

Property Location Services:

Working with businesses is what we do. We try to nurture that entrepreneurial spirit and make the real estate side of business make sense. Deciding whether to buy or lease is another subject that we can assist with.

Commercial Real Estate transactions can be the most challenging to understand. Due diligence is critical, as changes to contracts usually cannot be made later on. Analysis of your objectives, market conditions, the nature of the seller, the property itself, and the structure of the contracts are all key components to ascertain the likelihood that you will succeed.




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